The app that tells you anyone’s personality.

When you get communication wrong, it costs you.

Everyone needs to communicate to get through to others, whether you’re selling, recruiting or managing. While it’s become much easier to send a message to anyone, it’s become much harder to get their attention and earn their trust. This is frustrating for anyone who communicates professionally.

Have you ever...
  • Lost your prospect’s attention on a call?

  • Been caught off guard in a meeting?

  • Had a warm lead go cold?

  • Spent hours analyzing an email before you sent it?

Crystal helps you communicate with anyone like you have known them for years, because you can see anyone’s personality from their online profile before you call them!

Crystal analyzes millions of data points to accurately identify anyone's personality.

On average, Crystal predictions are 80% accurate.

Crystal uses Personality AI to accurately identify anyone’s behavioral patterns by analyzing text samples, assessment responses, and other attributes. It then uses that information to facilitate more effective communication, stronger one-on-one relationships, and better decision-making.

How it works...

View anyone’s personality by opening their LinkedIn profile, viewing their contact record in your CRM or by inviting them to take a personality assessment on Crystal.

  • View personality results on LinkedIn or in your CRM.

  • Identify anyone’s personality BEFORE you talk to them.

  • Master every conversation by personalizing your pitch!

  • Improve calls & meetings

  • Earn trust

  • Write better emails

  • Make a good impression

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