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Sandler is a tried and true methodology across any industry. I've used them four times at four companies and I’ve trained over 1,000 people.
卡尔·沃森,Forterra Inc .首席执行官.


“Sandler is a tried and true methodology across any industry. I've used them four times at four companies and I’ve trained over 1,000 people.”

As a CEO of multiple companies, I’ve developed a bit of a playbook for turnaround situations. 我问的第一个问题是, how much time and money have you invested in sales training over the last five years? If the answer is little to none, I know we have a problem.


乐博体育app下载在建设中, and after the housing crisis of 2008 our industry dropped by 90% in some states. 我的意思是,这是自由落体. Our profitability went from pro forma over 2 billion to actually losing money. 就像一把掉下来的刀. 你抓不住它.

We kept jawboning our salespeople: you have to make more calls, 努力争取更少的馅饼. I thought I was doing my job by setting high targets and following up on KPIs and, but we weren't doing anything to actually improve them. 乐博体育app下载几乎是在白费力气.

The salespeople who were left had really atrophied. In our industry we have thousandaires negotiating with millionaires. They were a bit lost, and we were just sending them into failure. So, a group came to me and said, “we need sales training.”

他们传达的信息是:他们士气低落. 他们已经被打倒太久了. 乐博体育app下载必须教育他们. 乐博体育app下载必须训练他们. 乐博体育app下载必须证明他们.

我想,绝对不行. 乐博体育app下载没有做任何销售培训. 没有办法,没有办法. 当你不想发生什么事的时候, 但你不会想拒绝的, 你把它交给委员会.


Three months later they presented a very well thought out, thorough analysis that showed that companies that invested in sales managers and sales training had revenue growth x 比不这么做的公司高一倍. They actually did a pretty good job of convincing me that we needed to do something, but I still didn’t want to do this particular thing.


But they did their job and went through about 20 options, 把范围缩小到三个, and came back saying this is why we'd like for you to interview them. 所以我被逼到了墙角. 好吧. 好吧. 好吧. 让他们在. 乐博体育app下载会采访他们,然后再“决定”.”

我脑子里的计划很狡猾. It was to bring all three of them in to dismantle them, 把他们包装, and show that sales trainers don't know what they're doing.

Three were lined up, and the last one was Sandler. 我对前两段真的很混蛋. 我问了一些非常尖锐的问题, 让他们难堪, 并坦率地说, 他们并没有表现得那么好. 搞定两个,还有一个.

和乐博网页版首页在一起,我就成了混蛋. But every time I said something they would come back at me and ask me a deeper question. They were uncovering pain that I didn't even know that I had.

About halfway through, two and a half hours in, I had an out of body experience. 像。

I can't believe this is happening to me: I'm losing this argument.

我很惊讶. I started thinking if they can do this to me as somebody who's so vehemently anti-sales training, 这就是我想要合作的小组.

When we began working with Sandler I was quite humbled. I came to their first boot camp realizing two things. 第一,我有很多东西要学. 第二,我没有意识到我有多坏. 其实我觉得我演得很好. I've been rewarded for my commercial efforts all my career, so I thought I knew what I was doing. 但是我没有.

我认为乐博体育app下载公司是独一无二的. 乐博体育app下载没有. Sales training should be about the salesperson improving their skills. It’s not that putting stuff into Salesforce isn’t important, but it doesn't help you sell more.

我也觉得乐博体育app下载可以自己做. 我真的. 我认为乐博体育app下载不需要第三方来做这件事. 我错了. 乐博体育app下载没有这种能力,也不能教它.

I knew it was actually working very soon after that initial training. 乐博体育app下载创造了这些成功的销售故事, and reading all of the monthly submissions I started thinking, oh, 我的天啊, the sales team is actually doing stuff differently, 它正在支付真正的财务红利.

我给你举个例子. We do a monthly sales competition to win an iPad. 你会惊讶于人们会为iPad做什么. We get 40-50 submissions a month that can add up to 20,000 units that salespeople would have reduced the price on by an average of 2 to 3% to secure the deal. This time, they didn't cut the price because they use these 4 or 5 new techniques. 那是乐博体育app下载口袋里的3万美元.

Or take this--one sales leader three years away from retirement completely changed the way he managed himself, 他的销售团队, how he trained them and what he expected from them. That group's earnings increased probably three times the rate that it had had a couple years before that.

但这些故事有点轶事的味道. The best way to quantify it is unit margin improvement. 你有多少保证金?

I started adding it up and realized the training pays for itself in less than a year, 有时还不到四分之一. I don't see how you don't invest in this because it is training the most important people in your business. 而回报几乎是立竿见影的.

After safety, revenue is the most important part of any business. In an industrial environment with mature product cycles, the value of the company then lies in the sales team. 这使他们成为最重要的群体, and it's almost malpractice if you don't make your first and largest investment in them.

If they could change the mind of somebody as vehemently anti-sales training as I am, 那就是我想要合作的团队...


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